Considered as the highlight and finale of SPRING 19 WORKSHOP, Sebastien Lathuile, a French Floral Artisan and Designer, founder of SEBASTIEN® FRENCH FLORAL DESIGN has exclusively curated 4 inspiring masterclass workshop experiences for STUDIO 22.


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About Sebastien Lathuile

With 29 years of experience as a French floral artisan, Sebastien Lathuile is well-known for his creativity and boundless imagination. 

Before the establishment of SEBASTIEN® FRENCH FLORAL DESIGN, a highly successful company notable for its outstanding designs and flawless ability to provide the finest quality in floral design and services, he used to work alongside the highly revered British Floral Designer, Paula Pryke in London for six years which had equipped him with professional skills and knowledge of floristry. 

Sebastien has also involved with many high society events, attended by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, Elton John and Pierce Brosnan, and as well as been entrusted with the most high-end of celebrities and politicians including Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Prince Albert of Monaco and Christine Lagarde, to name but a few.

Specializing in flower show and exhibitions, floral training sessions and luxury lifestyle events, Sebastien has collaborated with various prestigious fashion and designer brands for likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Huawei, JW Marriott, Vogue China, Island Shangri-la Hong Kong, Sofitel, Takashimaya and Matsuzakaya in Hong Kong, China and Thailand.