It’s the SIGHT of pale stone against azure skies,

the SCENT of new blooms on a spring wind,
the SOUND of trickling streams and fluttering wings. 
The TASTE of fresh bread and golden olives, 
the HEARTFUL days packed with inspiration and surprise. 
Conceptualized in Les Baux-de-Provence,

the joyful freedom of life under the Provençal sun,

MAISON XXII dedicates to channel the finest of European

living into a fascinating journey of sensory inspiration. 

It is life embraced by all our senses.



In our careful quest for quality we look to the humble olive for guidance, with its subtle and oft-overlooked attributes of understated refinement, versatile value, timeless relevance and organic purity.


You’ll find these traits in all of our chocolates and confectionery, cakes and pastries, groceries, flowers and lifestyle products.






Like the fresh organic produce that grows on the Côte d’Azur, all of our partners' products are carefully hand-picked. Every brand we stock is like-minded, as dedicated to promoting a rich and rewarding European sensory experience as we are. Because our desire to inspire doesn’t take a break.  It’s not “sometimes” or “occasionally”. MAISON XXII is an always-on experience for your eyes, ears, nose, palate and heart.